Disability and Discrimination: A Call to Action for Creating Positive Change, Together

A recent study by Dr. Stefanie Ames and colleagues sheds light on the problem of discrimination against children with complex medical needs by the medical community, emphasizing its significance for children, families, and clinicians. CYSHCNet enthusiastically applauds Dr. Ames’s efforts and appreciates the insightful commentary by Dr. Cook and colleagues, which effectively raises awareness of this critical issue.

This small, but seminal, study forces us to grapple with the question of how we can support a better future for vulnerable children. We hope this sobering study and the accompanying commentary inspire thoughtful action to rectify the health inequities experienced by children with complex needs and their families.

We encourage you to read, reflect, and contemplate then rededicate yourselves to ensuring equitable care for medically complex children and children with special health care needs. 

Addressing the discrimination faced by medically complex children, stemming from their health conditions and disabilities, alongside the impact of structural racism and other determinants of health, is crucial. By shedding light on these concerns, we can better meet the comprehensive needs of these children. Our Network is ready and equipped to tackle these challenges.

Join us in support of measuring, evaluating, and improving health for medically complex children, as well as the larger population of children and youth with special health care needs. Let’s collaborate to fulfill our research network’s mission and create positive change together.

We know there are researchers and groups working in this space. Please share the good work you’re seeing in your communities in the comments below.  

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