Emerging Investigator Program

The 2022 Emerging Investigator (EI) Guided Research Program

Applications for the 2022/23 EI Guided Research Program are now open! Please follow the link below to download the application

About the Program

Current Emerging Investigator Projects

Emerging Investigator: Jennifer Peralta, MD, MST
Project Title: A Socioecological Approach to Social Complexity, Family Functioning, and Community-Based Systems of Care Among Children with Medical Complexity
Family Partner(s):  Catalina Jaimes
Location: UCLA

Emerging Investigator: Marie Pfarr, MD
Project Title: Telemedicine Use in Children with Medical Complexity
Family Partner(s): Maria Leadon
Location: Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center

Emerging Investigator: Emmanuel Aryee, MD
Project Title: Early Introduction of Palliative Care Among Families of Children with Medical Complexity
Family Partner(s): Sandra Clancy, PhD
Location: Massachusetts General Hospital for Children

Previous Emerging Investigator Projects


Emerging Investigator: Denise Lillvis, PhD
Project Title: Examining Factors Associated with Increased Physical Trauma for cyshcn
Family Partners: Ali Perfetti, Jessica Colarusso, Tondelaire Cotton                                                          Location: Oishei Children’s Hospital, University at Buffalo

Emerging Investigator: Abby Musial, MD
Project Title: BAD Med: Burden Alleviation using Deprescribing of Medications in CMC
Family Partner: Allison Loechtenfelt                                                                                                              Location: Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center

Emerging Investigator: Verenea Serrano, PhD                                                                                    Project Title: Characterizing integrated behavioral health services for young children with medical complexity and their caregivers in primary care                                                                                  Family Partners: SanJuana  Dorado, Tanica Hancock                                                                                Location: Children’s Hospital Colorado


Emerging Investigator: Stefanie Ames, MD
Project Title: Assessment of caregiver experiences and unmet healthcare needs following discharge home after a critical illness in a child or youth with special healthcare needs
Family Partner: Amanda Mueller                                                                                                        Location: UCLA/University of Utah

Emerging Investigator: Arda Hotz, MD
Project Title: Use of Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies in Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs
Family Partner: Theresa Applegate                                                                                                    Location: Boston Children’s Hospital


Emerging Investigator: Molly Easterlin, MD
Project Title: Understanding the effects of chronic medical procedures in children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD): A qualitative study of patient,parent, and nurse perspectives
Family Partner: Lauren Agoratus

Emerging Investigators:Morgan Crossman, PhD & Olivia Lindly, PhD
Project Title:
 High quality health care, IDEA services and adverse family impact for U.S. CSHCN: The role of prematurity in early childhood
Family Partners: Amber Klevin & Kristen Earl
Location: MassGeneral Hospital for Children 

Emerging Investigators: Nicole Werner, PhD
Project Title: Creation of an adaptive taxonomy of barriers and facilitators to in-home care of children with cerebral palsy
Family Partner: Barbara Katz
Location: University of Wisconsin, Madison