Emerging Investigator Program

The 2021 Emerging Investigator (EI) Guided Research Program

Applications for the 2021 EI Guided Research Program will open May 2021 (applications open to those affiliated with the Network).

About the Program

Current Emerging Investigator Projects

Emerging Investigator: Denise Lillvis, PhD
Project Title: Examining Factors Associated with Increased Physical Trauma for cyshcn
Family Partners: Ali Perfetti, Jessica Colarusso, Tondelaire Cotton                                                          Location: Oishei Children’s Hospital, University at Buffalo

Emerging Investigator: Abby Musial, MD
Project Title: BAD Med: Burden Alleviation using Deprescribing of Medications in CMC
Family Partner: Allison Loechtenfelt                                                                                                              Location: Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center

Emerging Investigator: Verenea Serrano, PhD                                                                                    Project Title: Characterizing integrated behavioral health services for young children with medical complexity and their caregivers in primary care                                                                                  Family Partners: SanJuana  Dorado, Tanica Hancock                                                                                Location: Children’s Hospital Colorado

Previous Emerging Investigator Projects


Emerging Investigator: Stefanie Ames, MD
Project Title: Assessment of caregiver experiences and unmet healthcare needs following discharge home after a critical illness in a child or youth with special healthcare needs
Family Partner: Amanda Mueller                                                                                                        Location: UCLA/University of Utah

Emerging Investigator: Arda Hotz, MD
Project Title: Use of Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies in Children and Youth with Special Healthcare Needs
Family Partner: Theresa Applegate                                                                                                    Location: Boston Children’s Hospital


Emerging Investigator: Molly Easterlin, MD
Project Title: Understanding the effects of chronic medical procedures in children with Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD): A qualitative study of patient,parent, and nurse perspectives
Family Partner: Lauren Agoratus

Emerging Investigators:Morgan Crossman, PhD & Olivia Lindly, PhD
Project Title:
 High quality health care, IDEA services and adverse family impact for U.S. CSHCN: The role of prematurity in early childhood
Family Partners: Amber Klevin & Kristen Earl
Location: MassGeneral Hospital for Children 

Emerging Investigators: Nicole Werner, PhD
Project Title: Creation of an adaptive taxonomy of barriers and facilitators to in-home care of children with cerebral palsy
Family Partner: Barbara Katz
Location: University of Wisconsin, Madison