Secondary Data Center


Directed by Drs. Jay Berry (Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School) and Matt Hall (Children’s Hospital Association), the CYSHCNet Secondary Data Center catalyzes retrospective analyses on prioritized topics using population-based databases and surveys.  Findings from the analyses inform prospective, multi-site network projects.  The findings also support the research of emerging investigators, including their career development award applications. 


  • All Payor Claims Databases
  • Kids’ Inpatient Database
  • IBM Watson Marketscan Medicaid Database
  • Medical Expenditure Panel Survey
  • National Inpatient Sample
  • National Survey of Children’s Health
  • Nationwide Readmissions Database
  • Pediatric Health Information System (PHIS)


Topics of secondary data research in children and youth with special healthcare needs and in children with medical complexity include:

  • Adverse Childhood Events
  • Chronic Medication Use
  • Disability and Social Security Income
  • Emergency and Urgent Care
  • Health Services of Adolescents and Young Adults
  • Hospital Readmissions
  • Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Mental Health
  • Multimorbidity
  • Opioid Exposures
  • Neonatal and Post-Acute Facility Care
  • Perioperative Care and Outcomes

Prospective Research Projects

Assessing Confidence at Times of Increased Vulnerability

Caregivers of children with medical complexity (CMC) may be able to accurately and efficiently evaluate clinically meaningful changes in their child’s health. Single-center studies have observed that parents’ lack of confidence in their child’s health has correlated with their child’s risk of readmission shortly after discharge. If caregiver confidence can be clinically monitored longitudinally in real time, then potential exists not only to link it with downstream health outcomes, but also to target timely interventions to help caregivers at high-risk moments. This pilot study is evaluating (1) feasibility and acceptability of an innovative health information technology to collected repeated measures of caregiver confidence of their CMC’s health over time; and (2) viability of constructing trajectories of caregiver confidence in CMC’s health and relationships among confidence, hospital utilization, and child and caregiver health-related quality of life.

Family and Social Attributes related to Emergency Department as Usual Source of Care for CYSHCN

This project will use the National Survey of Children’s Health to assess relationships between household composition (e.g., single vs. dual parent, number of siblings, etc.) as well as other familial and social attributes on the location of usual source of sick care for CYSHCN.

Co-Management Telehealth Study

Medical home components, including care management and shared care plans, are beneficial to children with medical complexities (CMC). Some CMC are co-managed by a community-based primary care physician (PCP) and a children’s hospital-based complex care provider (CCP). Better integration between these providers may improve efficiency, family experience, and quality of care, while leveraging the benefits of each location. This pilot study will compare video-conferencing among caregivers of CMC, PCPs, and CCPs to a traditional co-management process using several caregiver-reported and utilization outcomes

All Recent Publications by Network Members

For recent publications by members of the CYSHCNet, please visit our NCBI page here

Select Publications by Network Members


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