presentation sched

Steering Committee Presentation Schedule

September 2019

Pediatric Care Coordination Curriculum, 2nd Edition – September 26​

Presented by Alex Kuznetsov at 9:30 am MT​

October 2019

New Kaiser Medical School – October 24

Presented by Paul Chung at 9:30 am MT​

November 2019

Care Coordination – November 21

Presented by Dennis Kuo at 9:30am MT

December 2019

Advancing Systems of Services for CYSHCN Network – December 19

Presented by Meg Comeau at 9:30am MT

January 2020

Family Stories: What can we learn from them? – January 23

Presented by Jennifer Lail at 9:30am MT

February 2020

United Health Care update on CYSHCN Financing – February 27

Presented by Jen Kyle at 9:30am MT

March 2020

Update on the CMC CoIIN – March 26

Presented by Meg Comeau at 9:30am MT

April 2020

Plain Language – April 23

Presented by Clarissa at 9:30am MT