Dr. Jamie Feinstein interviewed by Popular Science Magazine for his work on opioid prescribing to CYSHCN (May 2019)

Dr. Feinstein and his colleagues’ study on opioid prescriptions for children and youth with special health care needs has been published in the journal Pediatrics. The findings show that opioid exposure in CYSHCN is common, especially with multiple chronic condition and polypharmacy. Dr. Feinstein anticipates that this study will inform opioid prescribing guidelines and policies for CYSHCN at the hospital and governmental levels. To ensure the safety of opioid use in CYSHCN, the development of evidence-based opioid prescribing guidelines is paramount, including best practices for follow-up evaluation. Dr. Feinstein was interviewed by Popular Science magazine about his study.

Publication by Network Researcher Dr. Jamie Feinstein finds that nearly 1 in 5 children with Medicaid used chronic medications (April 2019) 

Dr. Feinstein and his colleagues assessed the prevalence of chronic medication use in children and the association of clinical characteristics and health care resource use with the number of chronic medications used. In their recent study published in Pediatrics, the authors found that nearly 1 in 5 children with Medicaid used chronic medications, and use of multiple chronic medications was common and correlated with increased health care use. The research team concluded that chronic medication use in children is essential when strategizing how to provide safe, evidence-based, and cost-effective pharmaceutical care to children.

Network Young Investigator, Dr. Ashley Jenkins, receives the 2018 Academic Pediatric Association Young Investigator Award and the Society for General Internal Medicine Founders Award (April 2019)

Ashley Jenkins, MD is a current Internal Medicine-Pediatrics hospital medicine and research fellow at the Cincinnati Children’s and University of Cincinnati Medical Centers. She is the recipient of the 2018 Academic Pediatric Association Young Investigator award and the Society for General Internal Medicine Founders Award for junior investigators to support work focused on understanding factors associated with timing of transition from pediatric to adult inpatient care for adolescents and young adults with chronic conditions of childhood. Dr. Jenkins is collaborating with the CYSHCNet Secondary Data Center on her work.

Eleven abstracts accepted for presentation at PAS (February 2019)

Eleven abstracts were accepted for poster or platform presentation at PAS by network researchers. The projects include:

  • Variation in Hospitalization Rates Following Emergency Department Visits in Children with Medical Complexity (Ryan Coller, poster)
  • Health System Research Priorities for U.S. Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs: Expert Perspectives (Ryan Coller, platform)
  • Chronic Medication Use in Children Insured by Medicaid: A Multi-State Retrospective Cohort Study (Jamie Feinstein, poster)
  • Re-Designed Perioperative Care for Children with Medical Complexity Undergoing Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis (Jay Berry, poster)
  • Shared Surgical Decision Making for Children with Medical Complexity: Parent Advice on Considering Spinal Fusion (Jay Berry, platform)
  • Health Insurance Regulation and Impact on Children: Evidence vs. Fiction (Morgan Crossman & Olivia Lindly, poster)
  • Medical Trauma and Resilience for Children with Special Healthcare Needs: Child and Parent Perspectives on Coping with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Molly Easterlin, poster)
  • Child and Parent Perspectives on the Acceptability of Virtual Reality to Mitigate Medical Trauma in a Pediatric Infusion Center (Molly Easterlin, platform)
  • Characteristics and outcomes of emergency department visits in a comprehensive care program for children with medical complexity (Henry Zapata, platform)
  • Transition of Hospital Type Use for Adolescents and Young Adults who have Complex Chronic Conditions (Ashley Jenkins, platform)
  • Healthcare Utilization and Spending for Children with Mental Health Conditions in Medicaid (Stephanie Doupnik, poster)

Publication by network researcher Dr. Ricardo Mosquera finds that benefits of medical home for children with medical complexity were long lasting (December 2018)

One of the most disappointing aspects of research is learning that a successful clinical intervention did not have long-lasting effects after the evaluation project ended.  Sometimes, interventions just don’t stick.  Thankfully, this was not the case for Dr. Ricardo Mosquera and his medical home team at the University of Texas, Houston.  Years ago, his team completed one of the first randomized clinical trials that evaluated outpatient, comprehensive care for children with the medical complexity in a medical home.  The medical home was successful to improve the health of the children and to reduce their need for emergency department care and hospitalizations.  Although their clinical trial ended, their recent study published in the Journal of Pediatrics (with an accompanying editorial by network researcher, Dr. Dennis Kuo) showed that the benefits of their medical home intervention have continued to help children with medical complexity, which is fantastic!

Dr. Jennifer Lail and the Cincinnati Complex Care Center receive prestigious PCMH certification! (October 2018)

CYSHCNet Advisory Committee member Dr. Jennifer Lail, Asst. Vice President of Chronic Care at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Ohio, played an integral part in the prestigious certification of their Complex Care Center. Working with her team on the Quality Improvement components of the PCMH certification, they used QI methodologies to measure and improve care for children with medical complexity in the domains of immunization delivery, preventive and chronic care lab screening, and surveillance of behavioral medications. As of October 22, 2018, the program achieved certification in the National Committee on Quality Assurance’s Patient-Centered Medical Home Recognition program.

The Center functions as an outpatient patient-centered medical home within the Division of General and Community Pediatrics at CCHMC for 460 children with medical complexity ranging in age from birth to 22 years.  NCQA says, “The patient-centered medical home is a model of care that puts patients at the forefront of care.  Practices that earn recognition have made a commitment to continuous quality improvement and a patient-centered approach to care.

CYSHCNet Site PI, Dr. Ricardo Mosquera,  honored as one of  Houston’s, Prominent Hispanic Leaders (October 2018)

Dr. Ricardo Mosquera is a pediatric pulmonologist who treats children with serious disabilities. He’s also the Medical Director of the UT Physicians High Risk Children’s Clinic at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth. Most of his patients come from minority groups and low-income families. Dr. Mosquera’s dedication to what he considers “the most vulnerable” segment of any population and his holistic approach to medical care come from his own family history in Colombia. KPRC Channel 2, Houston, TX.

Watch the interview with Dr. Mosquera here.

Directors Meet in Boston for Year Two Planning (October 2018)

Chris Stille, Jay Berry, and Charlene Shelton met in Boston in late September to begin the Network’s year 2 planning. Among the discussion was further refining of the National Research Agenda topics, a new Theory of Change, and plans for research project funding. A musical intermission featured Chris and Jay performing their version of Hamilton’s “You’ll Be Back” after a long, intense session.

Emerging Investigators are On Board! (October 2018)

Three projects headed by four emerging investigators were chosen to participate in the first Guided Research Program. Their project information and bios are posted here.  Mentors were assigned to each project and will work with each EI for 12 months. The mentors are Dennis Kuo, MD, MHS; Meg Comeau, MHA; and Megie Okumura, MD, MAS. Dr. Rishi Agrawal leads the Research Education Team and will be hosting monthly Works-In-Progress sessions that will include education and project updates